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Stay on trend by becoming a social stylist today! Not only can social stylists only earn a free jewelry ensemble every month but also earn extra cash on the side. Being a social stylists offers that on-the-go person a little fun, freedom and your own webstore!

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Low Commitment

You can start your own business for as little as $15.00 per month!

Weekly Pay Checks

Your commissions start at 20%, with all commissions being paid out weekly.

Flexible Business

Your own webstore for quick, on-the-go-sales means endless growth possibilities!

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Park Lane Stories

  • “Park Lane offers a diverse collection that fits every style...” - Ashley M., Park Lane Stylist
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  • “Park Lane has helped me give back to my community with fundraisers & events!” - Ashley M., Park Lane Stylist
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  • “Being an entrepreneur with Park Lane Jewelry has given me extra money to pay off student loans!” - Michelle G., Park Lane Stylist
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  • How do I become a hostess?

    Call or email Park Lane and we’ll have an experienced Director in your area contact you.

  • Does my Park Lane party have to be in MY home?

    No! There are countless options for your Park Lane party:

    • In your home
    • At your office
    • At MY home
    • At a restaurant
    • Picnic in the Park
    • Your association’s clubhouse
    • Any local establishment with a private room
  • What if I have out of town family and Friends?

    Include your out of town family and friends in your guest list! Your Park Lane Director will send email invitations with an on-line link to your party. You’ll get free credit for all guests who place orders whether they are in attendance or are absentee guests.

  • Do I have to pay anything to host a show?

    No! Your party can be a simple get-together with a plate of cookies and coffee. Park Lane does not charge a fee to become a hostess.

  • What kind of food or refreshments should I serve?

    Keep it simple! Here are a few ideas that are very popular with Park Lane hostesses:

    • Tea & Cookies - could be a seasonal cookie exchange
    • Wine & Cheese – guests bring different crackers
    • Ice Cream Sundae – guests bring their favorite topping
    • Bagels and Bling – morning get-together
  • How is the jewelry delivered?

    Glad you asked! Park Lane hostesses never have to sort and package. Each customer’s order is individually packaged and labeled with a validated receipt for easy hand out. Plus, all items are gift boxed! Customers also have the choice to have their order shipped directly to them.

  • How many guests so I need to invite?

    There is no set number to invite. Park Lane Directors like to fill their datebooks with a variety of small, medium and large sized parties. You choose which one best suits YOU! (However, the more orders your party generates the more free jewelry you will receive!)

  • How long is the average party?

    Personal appointments and small get-togethers are usually under 1 hour. A typical Park Lane party can be 1 - 2.5 hours depending on the number of your guests

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