• You may replace or exchange your item free of charge for up to 120 days after your jewelry was shipped!
  • After 120 days, a small replacement fee of $7 per item + $6.50 Shipping/Handling is required. Exchanges for a different item are not allowed after 120 days.
  • Note: Watches have a 30 day guarantee period. After 30 days, a replacement fee of $12 + $6.50 Shipping/Handling is required.
  • A replacement item is guaranteed for a period of 120 days (30 days for watches) and is subject to replacement of the same item only.
  • NOTE: A retired item (an item not featured in the current catalog) that is no longer in stock may be exchanged for a different item up to 1 full year from the purchase date. Proof of purchase and $7 + $6.50 shipping/handling is required.
  • Cash refunds will not be given after thirty days from the date of shipment. Shipping charges are not refundable.


In the event a customer loses an earring, they may replace their lost earring for half the retail price, plus tax, plus the replacement fee and shipping charges described above. The lost earring/replacement must be requested on a “Customer Replacement Form”. This form, along with the remaining earring, receipt, and payment should be sent to Park Lane’s customer service department.

Please mail in your RMA within 7-10 business days of completion.


If returning more than one item, wrap each item individually. The jewelry item(s) must be shipped in a box or a padded envelope, with your RMA confirmation.