Our Mission

Park Lane Jewelry was founded with a revolutionary idea and a noble objective; to offer women and men entrepreneurship that adorns their life with style and success. Dream it & achieve it with Park Lane Jewelry.

Our Story

Founded in Chicago in 1955 by Arthur and Shirley LeVin, Jewels by Park Lane defines "The American Dream". As the world's leading direct sales jewelry party plan company, Park Lane proudly offers exceptional quality jewelry that is backed by an unconditional guarantee.

Our Story

Founded in Chicago in 1955 by Arthur and Shirley LeVin, Jewels by Park Lane defines "The American Dream". As the world's leading direct sales jewelry party plan company, Park Lane proudly offers exceptional quality jewelry that is backed by an unconditional guarantee.

67 Years of Sparkle

A true American Dream. For over 6 decades, Park Lane Jewelry has afforded millions of people to reach for and attain their own dreams.

  1. 1955

    Started at a kitchen table, in a 4-room apartment, Park Lane was Shirley and Arthur’s personal American Dream. At first, it was to bring financial independence for their family. Then, it quickly grew to helping others attain the same financial success for their own families.

  2. 1965

    Park Lane’s first decade saw the need to move twice to larger facilities in order to handle the growth of entrepreneurs throughout the midwest.

  3. 1975

    Less than a decade later, Park Lane’s family of Stylists grew to be nationwide. Once again, Park Lane moved to a larger facility. This decade saw Park Lane’s first Car Program and computerized reports for our growing field leaders.

  4. 1985

    With the expansion into Canada and Mexico, Park Lane became international. Park Lane also became the first direct sales company to offer two luxury vacation contests each year!

  5. 1995

    With the advent of the internet, the 2nd generation’s talents and vision brought Park Lane to a new level and a new facility to handle the growing business.

  6. 2005

    Personal websites, online ordering, a Mercedes Car Program coupled with a continued passion to help others succeed was the perfect recipe for explosive growth.

  7. 2015+

    Today, the 2nd and 3rd generation family members hold the same mission and values of empowering men and women - worldwide - to reach for and attain their dreams. Our history is your future!

Our Stylist's Stories

Christy Goodman

When I found Park Lane, I was impressed! The business model is genius for every person to achieve success!

My focus in this business is on helping other women build a substantial income. Not only was my previous experience recognized when I was positioned at a level relative to my background, but the generous programs for customers, hosts and stylists create a magic formula to help women thrive in Park Lane!


Alethia Mcdaniel-Diggs

The flexibility is amazing and piqued my interest to learn more about this company!

I did not want to stress about quotas, especially when life happens. As a full-time educator, wife, Mom of two and a new baby in October, how awesome that we don’t have to worry about overcoming obstacles. I love that Park Lane has no quotas!! Instead, there are incentives. Earn a $1000 kit in one show, so really, no out of pocket cost to start!


Suzanne Klingemann

I joined Park Lane because the business opportunity is unparalleled in our industry! My 10 years experience in direct sales was recognized when I was positioned at a leader level equivalent to my background.

I love the diversity of our jewelry! There is something for every style type, so my customer base has grown tremendously and I’m already earning 3-4 times as much as my previous company! The programs are smart, rewarding and lucrative. Our stylists are HAPPY and feel appreciated!


Janie Sands

I was intrigued by this family owned company that offered the opportunity to earn 2 vacation trips each year. I saw it as a way to meet other women. I got that and so much more!

I never had a passport before and now my family and I have traveled to 14 exotic locations! I have gained a never ending group of friends who support and uplift each other.

I love that I have an opportunity to start other women in business with the commission they earn on one show and most of all, I have the privilege to help others go after their dreams as they promote to levels of leadership that affords them a full time income for part time work!


Katherine Chrisman

I love my job! 27 years in the business and I'm proud to say that I represent an iconic brand as well as the precious family behind a 63 year old legacy business! We offer greater income opportunities and that can make a massive difference in other people's lives. That's the beauty of Park Lane Jewelry.


Nicole Workman

I am the CEO of my own Park Lane business which allows me to be a stay at home Mom, the luxury to set my own schedule and work as hard as I want for my family. I have been doing sales for over 19 years and I can truly say that Park Lane offers the most to everyone. Just look at my passport to see that dream destinations are possible for the everyday person who desires success!


Mary Grace Lewandowski

I had worked for another Direct Sales company for over 12 years when I first checked out Park Lane. Oh my gosh, once I was educated on Park Lane’s outrageously generous programs, I could NOT, in good conscience, stay with mediocre.

I wanted the BEST for my customers, hostesses and team members. Park Lane is the best.

The MAIN reason I love Park Lane? Because we are a family, learning, growing and reaching together to be the very best that we can be! The people are always the focus. I am incredibly fortunate to represent this company!


Rebel Whale

I am able to motivate and inspire like-minded women to follow their dreams and help them change their lives for the better!


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Handcrafted with Love

Fashion-forward, unique, and exquisitely handcrafted, many Park Lane creations are inspired by world-renowned designers. Wear Park Lane jewelry with pride, and you will sparkle with beauty and confidence everywhere you go!