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Tracy Lemanski

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New Britain ,CT

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Tracy’s Park Lane Story

My Park Lane story ,  I joined Park lane in April 2009 ,  My husband had just been layed off , and we needed extra income.  I was currently in another direct sales company, that after 20 yrs just wasn`t the same.  Never in my wildest dreams would l have ever thought of selling jewelry.  And the thought of starting over ...NO WAY!
 Well a  a friend of mine, had decided to join Park Lane, and invited me to her show.  I decided to go to support her. had told myself ," I was not going to buy anything, money was tight,  I wouldn`t book a show either been there done that ... and NO way was I ever going to join".  Besides I really was not a jewelry girl, all I wore was my wedding rings, and most other jewelry  would make my skin change color.  But I went.
The next part is amazing, when I saw the jewelry, I loved it , beautiful and sparkly  one particular piece caught my eye, and of course it was Host only. After hearing a little about Park Lane`s History over 54 yrs. ( now 62)  And being told " If you have Party Plan experience, I can be appointed into a management position based on experience, it caught my ear.  How much would it cost ?  This jewelry is guarantee and fully replaceable if anything happens to it , no question asked, also I had 4 months to exchange anything I didn`t really like  and after that it could just replace for a small fee.

I found out that if I agreed to have a show  and show the  jewelry 5 more times, That for a small registration fee the company would invest in me over $1000 valued kit free.   I would still receive my free jewelry for being a hostess. EVEN better ,  was offered a Management position of Division Manager.  What would I have to lose so I booked the show.
Not only have I received a great income, free jewelry, cash bonuses and free vacations, I made lots of great friendships . My greatest joy is helping other do the same.  So whether you have experience, or not  we are looking for the people. if you are willing to learn, and teachable, love jewelry and a people person then this might just be the dream job you`re looking for. Full time or part time, this business is built on flexibility work when you want to work , work around your other obligations. Never any quotas, never worry about losing your title. With Park lane Jewelry,you have nothing  to lose and everything to gain, but you`ll never know if you don`t try. It`s the best decision I have ever made and I am so glad I did . ... give me a call today 860-919-8006 and see if we fit for you

About Me

I`ve been married to a great guy for over 28 yrs. I have 2 grown children, no grands yet. I`ve been with Park Lane Jewelry 9 yrs. It`s become a family affair. Bob and I do a give away every wed. Called win it wed. It`s a lot of fun.come join the fun in my vip group

Oh did I say that he also gets to travel with me on all expense vacations thanks to park lane.
Sometimes life happens and that`s exactly what happen in 2014 with a car accident that changed my life forever. In a split moment everything can change. Thank the Lord it wasn`t my time. Guess there`s still work you be done. I love helping other people and this business allows me to do that. I`m looking forward to many more years and doing what I love doing. When grands get here I`ll have the time to spend with them .. life is too precious not to enjoy it.

7 months ago

It`s my 9th yr anniversary with Park Lane

So happy I said yes  9 years ago.   

We all know life happens .

              But.... We must never give up 

                        Read my story 

The Best is YET to come !!!!! 

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7 months ago

Style your own business continues

Pick $1000 in your own style jewelry and start your Park lane Business for just $179 WOW what are you waiting for ... contact me today