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Sharon Marcouiller

 (206) 841-5055

Hi I`m Sharon Marcouiller (Katzevman), Division Leader with Park Lane Jewelry!

Welcome to my Park Lane website! I began my career in direct sales over 12 years ago when I was a newly divorced single mom on food stamps with 2 young daughters. I never thought I would be "one of those people in direct sales", but I had to make an income fast, with minimal investment, so I jumped in and created the flexibility and income I needed for the next chapter in my life as a single mom.

Fast forward 8 years to one of my biggest regrets - I got a phone call from Park Lane to join them as a leader. Instead of being flattered and honored, I saw it as being disloyal to my company and didn`t see the gift handed to me on a sparkly platter and turned them down.

Fast forward again to 2 years later - March of 2020 - I got an invite to a Fashion & Jewelry Show with Park Lane. Since I still felt that regret of not joining Park Lane 2 years prior, after meeting the Owner of Park Lane, some of the amazing leaders and seeing the gorgeous jewelry, I decided to jump in and grab this sparkly opportunity!

When I began with Park Lane Jewelry in March of 2020, the pandemic had also just began so not only did I have to learn an entire new business, I had to learn how to do it 100% online from home. It`s been an amazing journey! Every morning I get to put on fabulous jewelry that I never had before and get the honor of helping people get all blinged up too! It`s been so much fun and so rewarding!

If you`re looking for a change or need to make some extra money, please click on Join Park Lane to learn more! If you want to host an online style show and get a TON of free jewelry, message, call or text me! If you want to get a few items to add some sparkle to your world, shop the amazing sale and make sure to ask me how to get 7 items for the price of 1!


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