About Me

My name is Patricia Avila, I am 4 in 1: A women, wife of 41 years, mother of 3, Grandma of 5 and enjoy them every minute. I am also a Division manager with Park Lane Jewelry. I have been with them on and off for 4 years as this my company, gives me the opportunity and flexibility to work at my own pace, the time and days I want. It is an awesome feeling being treated as family, knowing that even though I am my own boss I have the support from home office for me to take flight at my heart’s desire. I love what I do & do what I love… And that is showing our fabulous jewelry in private/one on one consultation’s, and /or in a girl’s night/day out. The look on my hostesses/customers faces when I explain how they save & earn gorgeous jewelry pieces for FREE is priceless…In this MY business, I have the opportunity to serve my clients, spoiling them with Bling. With my Business in a Bag, I become very duplicable at what I do and thanks to that, my HOSTESSES see the potential of joining me in this journey. LET ME SPOIL YOU WITH OUR BLING, I just know you’ll love our gorgeous jewelry. After all it’s your time to SPARKLE!
Ring-A-Ring-Ding It’s your Inner Bling Calling! LET’S GET YOU DATED!!!