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St. Louis,MO

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Lisa’s Park Lane Story

4 years ago I was working for another direct sales company. I was only taking online orders not meeting new people or taking any face to face orders, no amazing trips to win, no free product- I think you get it! I made contact with an old friend on FB when each of us was working a Holiday Vendor Event. We kept in touch after that and continued to do more events together. As I watched her set up her tables in 10 min as it was taking me an hour of constant trips to my car vrs her one trip, as I watched her interact with potential customers, as I listened to the amazing opportunity she was offering these women and they were all so interested, I became interested too. She had earned so many amazing trips (St. Thomas, Spain, Aruba- all FREE!) earned gorgeous designer inspired jewelry, was gifted designer purses and her commission was double what I was doing. All for helping empower women and enjoying every bit of it. I decided to sign up (can`t beat $39) going in with "I`ll just take orders, no private home showings for me." Hello! That all changed and it changed me and my family. I earned my first trip to Aruba, was able to pay for both my son`s select soccer, paid off debt and met some lifelong friends. I came out of my comfort zone and loved every part of meeting new women during private showings and fun events that we do. I had made many new friends with my PL customers. I`m glad I retouched base with a dear friend Julie Batson Stanley and came out of my comfort zone to join this amazing PL family. They got your back!
I too encourage you to just take a look into this jewelry thing. It may not be for you but it could really be a blessing in someone else`s life!

About Me

Park Lane is a family owned, debt-free business that is the #1 jewelry company in direct sales! We offer unconditional guarantee on our products! We have sponsored Dancing with the Stars the last few years and even partnered with the "E" network!

What girl doesn`t love jewelry and a great sale! Did you know you never pay full price for all your items when you shop with Park Lane? How does 50% off sound for some of your items?

I do personal appointments and private showings! You and 3-5 friends to hear the latest fashion tips and see what Park Lane has to offer! Contact me so I can show you how you can earn up to $500 in jewelry!