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Barbara’s Park Lane Story

I was introduced to Park Lane Jewelry in 2013 by friend from church. She invited me to go to this thing called a ‘Quarter Auction”.
While there I won 2 pairs of earrings and saw lots more of some of the most beautiful pieces I’d seen in ages. My friend introduced me to her sister – a Park Lane Fashion Director and I was hooked. I attended many more special events and purchased many more pieces outside of the events. I was always amazed at how much I got for such a small amount of money.
In the second half of 2015 after having an expensive surgery, expensive kitchen water damage & repairs AND a shattered car window – none of which were fully covered by insurance, I knew I needed a way to make a little more income.
That same Fashion Director – now a Sr. Division Manager is still my ‘Park Lane Person’. I’ve been to many more quarter auctions and special events and even had a few of my own. She even helped me find the perfect jewelry ensemble for my daughter’s wedding!
She shared with me the unbeatable and consistent buying program for guests, the amazing and ridiculously generous hostess program and the outstanding Fashion Director`s income! Add those to the jewelry I had to have and a really simple show demo and I knew I could do this – I could be a part of Park Lane! She explained the history of the company and where it stands in the direct sales world. I was impressed with the company’s values and work ethic – and of course how they reward their customers and their representatives.
I am excited to be helping my Hosts and Guests understand all they stand to gain by our programs in a fun, interactive way! Please contact me to host your very own fun "dress up party"!

About Me

I`m a native North Carolinian - but never a Tar Heel! I belong to the Wolfpack! Born and raised in Greensboro, I moved to the Raleigh area when I entered college.
After graduating I married, had 3 kids, divorced and started over. I`ve been in Real Estate for about 18 years as an administrative assistant. I also love music and animals. I sing in the Sanctuary Choir and ring Handbells at Resurrection Lutheran Church. I am a foster for animals from the Wake County Animal Care Center. But most of all - I love my newest venture - sharing Park Lane!

about a year ago

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A little Modern History of Jewelry

In the 18th century, only the wealthy and high-ranking officials were allowed to wear gemstones. It was a sign of wealth and power.During the 19th century, jewelers began making pieces with inexpensive glass to appeal to a broader audience.In the 20th century, fashion jewelry made of semi-precious materials became popular. ...