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Blue Tides Bracelet

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Item No: 11214


BLUE TIDES ensemble captures the mesmerizing, iridescent color one would expect to witness deep under the sea. Shades of iridescent blue, crushed mother-of-pearl stones fill the rectangular and hexagon-shaped tiles of the pendant which is suspended from a double-strand chain. BLUE TIDES earrings are hexagons. The tiles are artfully arranged to create a big, bold and beautiful bracelet. Try wearing one BLUE TIDES cuff on each wrist or stack two together. This is serious jewelry... Dive in! Necklace is 24 inches long plus a 3-inch extension. Pierced earrings are fishhook-style. Bracelet adjusts to fit the wrist. Bracelet complements: Aloha, Signature-sapphire Rings: Sapphire, Dreamgirl, Noelle, Coolwater, Signature-sapphire, Tulip Complementing options: Depending on outfit, mix & match/layer with Indigo, Fountain Bleu, or Fleur. Earring options: Fleur, Cobalt, Daring, Fleur. Blue Tides bracelet also flatters Attention-Getter, Shannon, Indigo, Fleur, Jazzy and Piccadilly.

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