About Me

Hi my name is Tracy  welcome , and thank you for visiting .. when I started with Park Lane nearly 5 yrs ago , it sounded to good to be true , I'm here to say Park Lane is everything they said it was and more. It keeps getting better and better. Here you can Shop, see what's new in fashion and sign up for a show and even start your business.  Here's a sneak peak of our New E line !!! I just love it and it's more impressive in person.

Nobody pays full retail price  the more your buy the more you save , as a customer , save even more as a Host. and even more as a director just ask me !  

Park Lane A Dream Opportunity! 

How would you describe your 'dream job'? More time with your family? A fabulous income? More control of your life? Free jewelry, recognition, awards and extraordinary trip destinations? Loving what you do and having fun at the same time? All these and more are yours as a Park Lane Director

No Experience needed. We have free training and will train the right person. no quotas, no inventory so with a small registration fee and a commitment to give us a try that’s all you need so why not try us on for size and see if we fit !

You owe it to yourself to TRY