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Peace Necklace

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Item No: 11283


Sixty's hippie or today's fashion hip, we all want PEACE! Suspended from its 24-inch long chain, a traditional PEACE sign nestles within a bright silver, heart-shaped frame. Looks great worn over a long top or tunic or can be layered with other necklaces and chains. For peace-lovers everywhere, PEACE necklace! Necklace chain is 24 inches long plus a 3-inch extension. Pendant is almost 2 inches in diameter. Earrings: Any polished silver earrings or hoops. Try Electrify, Cutting Edge, Swirl, Traces. Bracelets: Cherish, Flair, Volume Rings: Any silver rings. Try Concept, Studded, Modern. Options: Layer with silver necklaces/chains such as Amour, Hope and Love, Italia, etc.

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